"The people there are contrary to us, 
As thus: here, heaven be prais'd, the magistrates 
Govern the people; there the people rule
The magistrates."
Richard Brome, The Antipodes, 1640.

In October of 2008, artist/musician Ted Riederer traveled to the opposite side of the Earth from New York City. On the shores of Cape Leeuwin, Australia, the closest land to the geographic antipode of New York, Riederer spent over a week composing music with an electric guitar and a battery powered amplifier at sunrise, and making field recordings of this music. 

He documented these moments with a series of photographs and en plain air oil paintings. 

During the early Spring 2009, in New York, Riederer scored a sunset on the roof of his studio, the geographical and diurnal opposite of a Cape Leeuwin sunrise.

Riederer then cut these recordings onto opposite sides of two vinyl records. He plays these two vinyl records on two auto-repeat turntables, the Australia sunrise song and the New York sunset song, joining the opposite sides of the earth and day in an ever changing melody.