Extended through August 28, 2023

Across a wide array of media and performance, New York based artist and musician Ted Riederer’s work is an investigation into the redemptive power of art and music. When family trauma upended his adolescence during the 1980s, Riederer joined a band and was redeemed. His suite of works at the Park Hyatt New York evoke the vinyl record as a mandala. For the past 13 years, Riederer has traveled the world with his project Never Records cutting vinyl records for free as a social gift. From Amman, to New Orleans, to Brooklyn, Riederer invites participants to record and cut performances to vinyl. With each session, Riederer leads participants in a meditation of the visualization of sound, and teaches the “transcendental science” of cutting vinyl. The Circular Scores on view give form to musical composition.